History, Courage, and Commitment

My name is Fred Kirsch, and I am running for Fort Collins City Council because representing District 6 is the best way that I can continue to serve our community. I stand apart from the other candidates through my history of fighting to improve City government, my courage to change the way in which our government works, and my commitment to make City Council my full-time job.

Please peruse the site for more details about me and my ideas for Fort Collins.

I stand for:

  • Sustainable Energy
    • 12 years director, Community for Sustainable Energy
    • Fort Collins Climate Action Plan Citizen Advisory Committee
    • Solar on School roofs – $$ for Schools/Clean energy for everyone!
  • Social Equality
    • Improved Transfort – Grid Route system, shorter waits
    • Seek just solutions to homelessness issues – Human rights and dignity, lockers, Homeward 2020
    • Protect neighborhood livability with nuisance code enforcement
    • Live with whom you choose – No U+2 occupancy ordinance
    • Renter rights – Safety and energy efficiency inspections of rentals
    • Immigrant rights – Listen to community, no working with ICE
  • Housing affordability
    • Increase supply – repeal U+2, tiny homes, affordable housing permits
    • Reduce demand – direct growth towards communities in need of development
  • Better government
    • Full-time City Council
    • Public reporting City Council activities
    • Public City Manager review
    • Publicly available quarterly reports of budget funded programs and projects

I see Fort Collins as a community at the forefront of sustainability and innovation – discovering and implementing creative ways to maintain a great quality of life while minimizing negative impacts on the environment around us. While we build a great future together, we must share our successes to help other communities do the same, and help make the world a better place.

My skills, experiences, motivations, and drive are what make me the best candidate for Fort Collins City Council in District 6. I respectfully ask for your vote. Check your mail for the ballot!


In my capacity as director of the Community for Sustainable Energy, I’ve had the privilege of working with Fort Collins residents, staff, and leadership for twelve years. As a Councilperson, I will continue to build these relationships to help the City government function more effectively in meeting the needs of our citizens.

One of the things that I love about Fort Collins is that all of us want to make our wonderful city a little better. We’ve done a fantastic job with our inherited resources, and we share a common vision and set of values. In moving forward, however, we face some complex challenges. The city government, business leaders, and citizens have all recognized these challenges and established goals and plans to meet them. But we need much more effective action if we are going to maintain our quality of life in the coming years.

My agenda as a  City Council member will be to hold the City government accountable to Organizational Excellence and high performance in serving the people. This means improving the function of City Council and the City itself through better civic engagement. City Council should more closely interact with residents and citizen groups to determine City policy and to support the social and cultural movements that build a vibrant community. If elected, I will strive to hold myself and City staff accountable through transparency in its deliberations and production, integrity in its service to residents, and quality performance in reaching decisions that benefit our community.

Thank you for your support.


Paid for by Fred Kirsch for Fort Collins City Council District 6

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  1. Miles Wilson

    You plus two targets students and forces them into large housing/apartment corporations that take advantage of students soon move out.


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