I’ve had the privilege of getting to know some wonderful people in my personal life and in my career in public service. Here are a few kind words from some of them and my endorsement from the Poudre Valley Green Party and Colorado Green Party.

Cheryl Distaso, former director Fort Collins Community Action Network – Fred Kirsch is a quality human being! In the twelve years that I’ve known him, I’ve been struck by his integrity, his hard work, his thoughtful analysis, and his good humor.  We’ve worked alongside each other to keep City Council accountable to the most marginalized people in Fort Collins. His work with Community for Sustainable Energy has helped to shape energy policy that is not only environmentally responsible but also works to improve the quality of life and affordability for all of the residents in our community. Fred will bring integrity to City Council and he will listen to everyone in Fort Collins, particularly those who have previously been excluded.

Kevin Cross, Northern CO Partners for Clean Energy -I have worked together with Fred on a number of initiatives that I believe have made Fort Collins a better place over the past decade or so.  Those initiatives include establishing Transfort service on Sundays, getting Council to commit to achieving a 100% renewable supply of electricity for the City by 2030, and successfully advocating for on-bill financing of home energy improvements.

Through his work as a canvasser in other front range cities and towns, Fred was also instrumental in laying the groundwork that allowed us to create Northern Colorado Partners for Clean Energy (NCP4CE) two years ago.  NCP4CE is a coalition of community organizations in Fort Collins, Longmont, Loveland, and Estes Park that successfully campaigned to get our regional utility, Platte River Power Authority, to commit to 100% non-carbon electricity by 2030 – one of the most ambitious utility clean energy goals in the country.

I have found Fred to be consistently thoughtful, courteous, a good listener, energetic, and devoted to promoting social and environmental justice here in Fort Collins and elsewhere.  I believe that he would make an excellent member of City Council.

Karen Stockley, Former Thompson Board of Ed member 

Fred Kirsch would make an excellent Ft. Collins City Council Representative. In the years I have known him, Fred shows a passion for social justice, environmental issues and a sincere desire to make Ft. Collins a better place to live. He is very honest, hard-working, and a caring human being who lives his life abiding by the principles he believes in. His integrity shows often in his actions and words. He is very trustworthy – an uncommon trait in many of our current politicians. He truly wants to work on issues that affect Ft. Collins directly, and improve our lives and protect what we love about Colorado.

Fred has worked hard pursuing clean energy for Northern Colorado. He understands the need to reduce our carbon footprint, so the children of tomorrow can live in a world free of fossil fuels and pollution. He understands how global warming will affect future generations by harming the most vulnerable citizens of our world. Fred will work hard for positive change, and he will listen to our ideas and thoughts, always in the respectful manner I have witnessed with his work. He is a superb candidate, and Fred has earned my support and I hope yours too!

Phil Friedman – I  have known Fred for many years. Few people are more dedicated when it comes to caring for this city and solving problems that will allow us to move forward in ways that are both sustainable, economically viable, environmentally protective and inclusive for all Fort Collins’ residents. Fred has a way of looking at problems from a perspective of creativity and innovation — I think that befits the entrepreneurial approach and spirit. Fred has an open-minded approach to solving problems in a collaborative and productive way. He gets things done! Fred would be our next great member of city council.

Gailmarie Kimmel – I am genuinely excited that Fred is running for City Council. I’ve had the pleasure to witness and support Fred’s efforts for over 15 years. Fred is a clear strategic thinker who undertakes citizen-centered projects.  He cares about equity,  accountability, and practical solutions for our community. He brings a track record of hard work, positive energy, listening-to-learn, and good heart, and would be an outstanding addition to the Council.  Go Fred!!

Dana Guber, Director – The Growing Project – Mr. Kirsch’s genuine interest in understanding the local causes and organizations of Fort Collins shows an imperative quality that a city council member must possess: the ability to listen. In having open ears and an open mind, Fred has already proven himself a good leader and representative of groups and individuals working within the realms of human services and social justice. He has a deep understanding for the intersection between social and environmental issues, something that is important in shaping the future of our city as it sees the continual encroachment of gentrification. I trust Fred to be a synthesizing voice of our community, listening to all viewpoints, and making Fort Collins a world class city for ALL of its citizens.

Jodi Kirsch – My name is Jodi Kirsch and I am married to District 6 candidate Fred Kirsch. I want to tell you why he is absolutely the best candidate for City Council in Fort Collins. What you see is what you get. He does not back down from issues that he knows are important or to what he knows will improve the City of Fort Collins and the people who live here.

Fred is a dedicated man. Through his years of work as director his own non-profit for which he started from the ground up, his daily life involves outreach to the community. He goes out and actually talks to the community to find out their needs. It’s not something that he sees as a job or something he has to do, it’s his passion to do the right thing. He is driven by the things that he firmly believes in and is called to make the changes that he knows that the people he talks to everyday want to see happen. He makes sure that he is informed on the issues that are important to the people of Fort Collins.

My absolute favorite thing about Fred is his passion and his open heart. When it comes right down to it, he believes in the good in people and genuinely wants to see the world, his community, his neighbors, his family all in live in harmony for the greater good. I feel extremely blessed to call him my husband and role model in our community.

Nick Francis -I worked with Fred Kirsch for three months at Community for Sustainable Energy (CforSE) and with him on a number of community-based campaigns. Fred is a very creative thinker who is always – always – thinking about how to increase the community’s collective voice in civic affairs. I would say he has done more to raise the profile of environmental and climate action issues than any single individual in Fort Collins over the last ten years. He will be a very conscientious, hard-working Council Member and is very much deserving of your vote.

Julia Muende – I first met Fred Kirsch in August 2010, when he hired me on as a canvasser for his independent grassroots organization, Community for Sustainable Energy. I was immediately impressed by his dedication to advocacy on behalf of the community, specifically those whose voices typically go unheard. He refused to set a minimum donation so that everyone could get involved. He even submitted letters on behalf of non-members to be sure no one’s voice was silenced.

It was my first canvassing job, and I didn’t make the cut. But Fred saw potential, and he didn’t give up on me. Instead, he got me a temp job with a different canvassing organization so that I could get more comfortable in the field. When that job ended, he took me back on and personally took me into the field to be sure I got the best possible training. I’m happy to say that his efforts were successful, and I stayed on as a full-time canvasser.

Fred continued to support me even after I left his organization. He wrote me letters of recommendation to serve in Peace Corps Kenya, and years later again to enter law school. Today, as a fledgling environmental attorney, I couldn’t be more thrilled by Fred’s intention to run for Fort Collins City Council. His dedication to the sustainable future of Fort Collins has been demonstrated by his years of feet-on-the-ground advocacy on behalf of its citizens. His commitment to inclusion and empowerment is beyond reproach. But, most important, we need him. We, the people, need allies like Fred Kirsch on the inside.

James Mitchell, Home Solar & Efficiency Consulting · Real Estate, RenewaBlue® | The Group Inc. – Fred is, and has been, a vocal advocate for positive change in Fort Collins for at least a decade (which is how long I’ve know him). Fred is principled in his approach, eager for innovation, and driven to strategically approach growth and change to make sure it actually happens in a positive way. As a community member he has been engaged in local politics for a long time because he feels that it is necessary for Fort Collins to live up to it’s potential. I also appreciate Fred for the great work he, and his team, do through Community for Sustainable Energy (CforSE). When it comes to Fred, and his commitment to being a catalyst for positive growth, all you need to do is look at his feet and it is clear to see that he has been walking the walk, before it was cool. In addition he is intelligent, approachable, and driven. What a great combination for a City Councilman!

Poudre Valley Green Party – To earn an endorsement from the Green Party, a candidate must show their commitment to acting and living in line with the Green Party’s Ten Key Values. We feel that Fred Kirsch meets this standard and will act accordingly once elected to the Fort Collins City Council.

Ecological Wisdom and Sustainability are fundamental values for Fred, as he’s proven with his many years of committed activism in favor of various Colorado environmental causes. He advocates for Social Justice in many ways, including his work to expand public transportation, his aim to eliminate the Fort Collins food tax and his leadership on overturning “U+2” occupancy limits. Fred’s championing of the Full Time Council initiative and his focus on transparency in city government demonstrates his commitment to Grassroots Democracy. He is clear that the people’s needs and what they want to see from their public servants will direct his actions and decisions once on Council. His approach to governing is an exciting, much needed one that is long overdue.

Therefore, as the active membership of the Poudre Valley Green Party, we enthusiastically endorse Fred Kirsch in his campaign for Fort Collins City Council.