What makes an “environmental candidate”?

I see that it is popular for candidates to talk about their outdoor recreation. I too like to play outside. Tubing the Poudre is one of my favorite June activities. I think the City should do all that we can to stop NISP from taking Poudre water.  As councilperson I will work to get the city of Thorton to extract their water downstream from Fort Collins. Save the Poudre calls this the greatest potential river restoration project in Colorado history. Maybe there are other opportunities to move irrigation diversion downstream. We should pursue “Cash for Grass”, a program where the water utility pays for residential xeriscaping because it’s cheaper than building a new reservoir. Even if I didn’t like to play in the river I would support and fight for these measures. 

I also like to walk Olive through Pineridge open space and behind the former Hughes Stadium. I hope to one day get up to Soapstone Natural Area and enjoy the $11 million that we’ve invested there. But my personal recreation habits aren’t why you should vote for me. My 19 year career as an environmental activist should demonstrate my dedication to environmental preservation. My creative and practical ideas about how to protect the environment and my network with other environmental activists are why I think that I’m the best candidate on environmental issues.

While other candidates talk about their concern for the environment (which is good), I’m the only candidate who has actively fought against fracking throughout the north Front Range, worked on Fort Collins climate change policy, been a part of the coalition for 100% Renewable Energy, pushed for energy efficiency programs, organized for a better Transfort, and am currently working on a plan to get solar on school roofs. I have put my passion for the environment at the forefront of my career and I challenge any other candidate who claims to be THE environmental candidate.

Adoption of 100% Renewable Electricity by 2030

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